Neon Doves

No Pants Dance

A minimally interesting fact about myself is that I love the 'it looks like you're not wearing pants' look. I realize this is often frowned upon by fashionistas, but I just really like it! So that's what I have for you today, people. I like to wear pants without looking like I'm wearing pants.  So in other words, the no pants dance is what's up.

Along with my long running obsession with the 'it looks like you're not wearing pants' look is my recent obsession with Balenciaga's cut out boots. I hate to throw out name brands because I think that's lame and vintage treasures are way sweeter,  but these gems are so beautiful I had to share them with you. Now don't get me wrong, I would never drop $1300 on shoes, but after staring at these beauties for the past year I finally decided to Google "Balenciaga inspired cut out boots" and THERE THEY WERE. The most legit knock offs I had ever seen. So what did I do? Well I PayPalled 150 bucks to China and had these bad boys delivered to my door, that's what. The point of the story is that '90s chunky shoes have been making their way back, and I choose to rep them through these badass Balenciaga knock offs. I recommend you snag some chunky '90s kicks too and pair them with the 'it looks like you're not wearing pants' look and do the no pants dance with me. You may have to travel somewhere warm in order to do so but....YOLO. Now let's get to dancing like it's no big deal. Peep that ish:
Photos by Tyler Lucas

Wilfred top
Wilfred shorts
Vintage purse
Jessica Buurman kicks