Neon Doves

Bummed Bum

Today I had to pee so bad that I didn't have time to put a toilet seat cover down.

..........that's a lie, I never put a toilet seat cover down. I scope the sitch out and if it looks good to go, I just sit right on down. If it looks kinda sketch, I’ll just squat right on over that bad boy. I also don't usually wash my hands. I used to fake it. Fake it as in I would turn the faucet on for a sec, not wash my hands, turn it off, and leave. This was of course only if someone saw me in the bathroom and I had to pretend to take part in social norms. However lately I just don’t care. I’ll walk out of the stall and someone will be standing there and I just walk right on out. They probably think I’m gross but…I just don’t really fucking care. I mean it’s not like I peed all over my hands. I’ve been doing this for 26 years, people. 

Anyway, back to my story. Because I had to go so bad I was wiggling about trying to drop trow ASAP to ensure I didn't pee all over myself. I succeeded, obviously. WINNING!

Except I didn’t win. After standing up I could feel a good majority of my ass was wet. Super bummed bum.

I feel rather distraught by today's experience. But at the same time, something in my head feels like maybe I deserve this since I rarely wash my hands or take the time to use those lame seat covers. Restroom Karma? Perhaps.

On an entirely different and more pretty topic of conversation, Fall in Seattle was so beautiful,  I'm sad for it's near and inevitable departure. For those of you living in a place that shows little seasonal changes, I feel bad for you. Pretty leaves are what's up and Pumpkin spice lattes are my jam, so I've been pretty stoked in that regard. Yay earthy tones and baggy sweaters. I cherish you with love an adoration. Peep that ish:

Photos by Maddie Lucas aka Dove

Topshop top
Wilfred sweater
Wilfred pants
Vintage purse
Rachel Comey kicks