Neon Doves

10 Second Rule

I used to think it was just me, but I'm pretty sure about 99% of the population despises hearing themselves on video. I wonder in my brain, do I really sound that fucking annoying? I sure hope not....

I've recently decided that I think there should be a rule when it comes to recording videos, and it's this: If the person you are recording is decently wasted, you're not allowed to take a video of them for more than 10 seconds if you have not had prior sober confirmation (Tyler Lucas, that means you're in the clear). Seriously though, it's just not even cool, man. I get it, it's hilarious and you want to watch later, but you have to make it just a quick vid. None of this five minutes bullshit. And I'm not saying this because I recently went on a weekend retreat with a bunch of work peeps and got up on stage for an entire song and whipped out air guitar moves, I'm really not. Seriously.... that didn't happen.
Okay so maybe that happened, and maybe I was recorded the entire time, so maybe I'm mildly bitter. However, I still think this is a legitimate rule. NO ONE WANTS TO SEE THEMSELVES IN SUCH A STATE. So, be real peeps. Save this person from torturous cringing that Sunday morning, and press stop at 10 seconds. It's the right thing to do. Word to your mother.

Winter is here and I'm annoyed. It's cold as effing shit in Seattle. My bones and feet are constantly frozen and it hurts. A lot. The only positive is that it's ski/snowboard season, but let's be real, it's so hard to actually get up and go. Plus it's like a thousand dollars these days. When the occasional sun comes out and I see myself surrounded by the Olympic and Cascade Mountains, along with Lake Washington and Puget Sound, it is a good reminder as to why I choose to endure such winters. Without our bomb dot com scenery, I probably would've bounced right on out of here a while ago.
This year's go to Winter fit? My large and in charge sheep fur coat that I refer to as my "Penny Lane", a boyfriend sweater, and my super comf overalls that I will rock until the day that I die. Peep that ish:
Photos by Tyler Lucas
Marc by Marc Jacobs jacket
Wilfred sweater
Wilfred overalls
Vintage purse
Rachel Comey kicks