Neon Doves

Monday vs Friday

It's actually comical to think about the differences of a Monday to a Friday. Mentally, I am an entirely different person when comparing my common thought processes on these two days:

Common Monday thoughts:
Why do I feel so empty inside?
I'm so fucking tired...I think I'll just rest my eyes for two seconds...
Fuck, I feel like I was saying weird shit on Saturday night...oh gawd, I totally was
What the fuck am I doing with my life?
I think I'll just listen to Bon Iver all day

Common Friday thoughts:
Tonight is going to be the effing jam, I wonder what I should wear?
I think I'll send a TGIF mass text to all my besties, hollaaaaaaa
Call Me Maybe?! Fuck yes I love this song--better turn this shit uuup
I need to remember to pick up some Fireball on the way home, heh heh

Synonymous to my Monday vs Friday thoughts is my Monday vs Friday office experience. On Mondays, our break room resembles a cold room of crickets, frowns, and puffy faces. On Fridays, peeps are basically moonwalking through the halls slamming high fives and smiling so hard their cheeks hurt. My friend and coworker has the most ridic difference in Monday vs Friday personality that I completely avoid him on Mondays. Friday Brando, however, is one of my favorite people. We have similar taste in music and often trade jams, but I know not to expect shit on a Monday because Monday Brando would never offer such gifts, whereas Friday Brando will most likely provide a link to a sweet podcast for my enjoyment and an outline of that week's latest new jams. His Friday email will also include a number of "nbds" "yolos" and a couple puns if he's feeling really buck, all depending on his plans for that given weekend.

In August I attended Doe Bay Festival for three days, and literally everyone was repping a Friday personality meets 100 happy pills the entire time. You couldn't walk to the bathroom without getting something along the lines of  "Hiiiiii, how are you, my love?"  "Hello! you have a beautiful smile"  "Isn't this place magical?!!". Everyone was just so stoked to be there they were high on life. So let's try to rep the Doe Bay meets Friday personality on a regular basis. I think the world would be a better place.

Doe Bay's weather was rainy in the morning, hot during the day, and chilly at night, so it required a wide range of apparel. I was able to get some shots from the first day, but regretfully lost photo focus by day two.... shit got pretty real. With that, I'm unfortunately lacking some legit scenery shots, so be sure to Google Doe Bay Resort to get a good feel for it. This place is so beautiful, I highly recommend it for a weekend getaway. Pacific Northwest at it's best. Peep that ish:

 Photos by Tyler & Maddie Lucas

Day Fit:
Free People scarf
Karen Walker sunglasses
Brandy Melville tank
Show Me Your Mumu shorts
Minnetonka moccs

Night Fit:
Wilfred leather leggings
Chaser tee
Talula flannel
Hellz Bellz jacket
American Apparel beanie
Minnetonka moccs