Neon Doves


So sorry for being MIA, my sweet sweet readers. I decided that it was time I visit Europe and mark that shit off my bucket list, so I went to see Dove, who is currently there for two months visiting her boyfriend, Danny. He's awesome and I approve x1000, thank god. Plus he has an English accent that I get to mimic all the time--YOU SOUND LIKE YOU'RE FROM LANDON DANNAYYY!
Anyway, I went with my girl Carly on a two and a half week extravaganza to London, Brighton, Paris, and Greece. Yes, I may have spent all my savings, but what are savings for when you're in your 20s? That's what I'm sayinnnn.
London was sweet--dropped a few hundo in the first hour I was there. Oxford street? To die for. So many cute shops. After a day of sightseeing and shopping the city and the tube got a bit too overwhelming so we headed to Brighton early. This is where Danny's from so we got to stay at his sweet pad. Brighton is kind of like a European San Francisco, but mix that with a bit of a Santa Cruz vibe because it has a pier with rides and such giving it that beachy boardwalk feel.
After arriving in Brighton we headed to an adorable pub to meet up with a bunch of our friends of which we met in Thailand. So it was a big group of people who met during travels all reunited in the magical city of Brighton! Or in other words, a shit show. Since we didn't want the night to end, we went back to our friend Lucy and James' place. This was the best choice, we knew, because they have loads of hula hoops and a huge trunk of dress up clothes. When we found it to be around 5am, four of us did not want the fun to end, so me and three of my guy friends, Andy, Matty, and Martin, headed to the tattoo parlor that Matty runs.
Let's just go through this time fun, night time fun, then tattoo parlor fun among four stoked peeps still looking to have fun. So it was therefore only natural that I tattoo my friend Matty, the tattoo artist, with a little remembrance of how we all met. And how did we all meet? Well we met last New Years in Thailand when we all ventured to a remote bar in the middle of the jungle on Thailand's Island of Koh Phangan. You have to boat to this bar since it's super discreet, of which you then party until the late hours of the morning. This bar is very special to our hearts and is named Guys Bar. We therefore deemed it necessary that I tattoo "GB" in the middle of a triangle on his gloriously tattooed bod.

So there. I think out of my whole trip, this is a story most of you will appreciate. I've even provided the beautiful evidence of my artwork. Look how legit my lines are!! I think I should take this on as a permanent profession:

After jet lag, London shopping, 48 hours of Brighton shenanigans, and 72 hours of Paris fun, we were ready to hit the beach tuff and lounge like it was nobody's business. In Greece we went to two islands, Mykonos and Santorini. To compare the two would be unfair as they are completely different. Mykonos's beaches are definitely more beautiful, but Santorini is like the Grand Canyon in the middle of the sea. Breathtaking. Below are some photos we snapped on Santorini's famous Red Beach. I loved this blue shirt's contrast with the red sand and it served as the perfect Grecian-vibed coverup for when the sun got to be a bit too much toward day's end. Peep that ish:

Santorini's amazing sunset
Photos by me and Carly Stubner

ASTR top
Grecian silver bracelet
Additional bracelets made by me or Dove, peep her Etsy shop