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Would You Rather

I recently went camping on the Oregon coast and it was bomb dot com. Camping is just always a good idea because it gets you away from cell phone madness, unimportant duties of life, and allows for legit bonding experiences. It's an escape, and who doesn't appreciate that?

What camping also entails, if you're smart, is a shit ton of "would you rather" games. I really could play this for hours...

Would you rather fly for one hour at a time, or breathe under water for as long as you want?
Would you rather be an eagle or a dolphin?
Would you rather snort fireball or tequila?
Would you rather be invisible once a week, or fly at any time?

As you may have already noticed, most of my questions incorporate the option of flying because god dammit I wish I could fly SO bad. My fellow campers got increasingly annoyed by my repetitive questions. "Yeah Hayley, we fucking get it... you would choose flying". Whatever guys...

A few years ago a friend of mine informed me that he flies in his dreams on a pretty frequent basis. This boggled my mind like woah because WHAT? You FLY? He was just as intrigued by my lack of flying as I was by the fact that this ever even occurred in his sleeping brain of events. Ever since then, if the subject of flying or dreaming comes up in conversation, I usually ask people if they have been lucky enough to have had such an experience. It was therefore only natural that I questioned my fellow campers and all the dudes confirmed that fuck ya they have flown in their sleep. I'm finding that dudes seem to be flying all over the place while girls aren't. Why aren't we having these dreams too? It saddens me that I don't get to take part in such a magical event.

With dreams as the subject we moved our conversation from flying to laughing and found that we had all experienced the joy of waking up laughing and agreed it's basically the most rad thing ever. I mean honestly, waking up cracking up? With a rush of endorphins to start your day? So bomb! What's bizarre is that at the time I had only experienced this once, but in the last month since having this conversation I've woken up laughing three times. How weird is that? Weird and effing awesome.

All in all I think we can conclude that I love a good bonding experience, I would rather fly, and I want to wake up laughing on a regular basis. I would also rather shop online because doorstep packages are my jam. My latest purchases? This majorly comf onesy and these vintage kicks I found on Etsy. The previous owner claimed in the description that they are from the 70s, which is probably total bull shit, but let's pretend it's not and imagine they were once worn to a Pink Floyd concert in 1973. Peep that ish:

 Ballard shopping up in the club
Photos by Maddie Lucas aka Dove
Blu Moon romper
Vintage kicks
Vintage Michael Green purse
Necklaces made by Dove, peep her Esty shop