Neon Doves

Featuring: Chase Franson

My sister recently got married and it was one bitchin party! Seriously, I couldn't walk for three days. Sign that I need to start working out or sign of seriously intense dancing? I'll let you decide, but I'm going to go with the latter. Besides the fact that her wedding was fun as effing shit, it was also super trippy. Not because it was a shocker, I mean she’s been with her boo for over 7 years, but just being at her wedding was weird. Like, here we are….being adults….what in the actual fuck. I still feel like we are kids together. Will I always feel like this? All the memories went through my head. How we used to jam out to Tom Petty during road trips, or referred to flared nostrils as “blow up nose” and ordered our food with a “blow up nose” at restaurants until we were like 16. Oh how immature we were thinking this was SO hilarious. Except I’m lying I still think that’s the funniest shit ever. But more than our childhood, this whole wedding thing just got me thinking about her as a human and all the interesting things about her, and I think it's only fair that I share a few with the world...
First, my sister is better at pretty much any physical sport than I am. And dude, I’m kind of good. Soccer? She’s better. Snowboarding? She’s better. Water skiing? I go to our family’s beach house way more than her but nope—she’s still better. Second, you better not think about picking your nose in front of her or she will write you off for life. I’m serious, there are no second chances here. Third, if you invite her to your wedding or any similar event that involves dancing she will 150% whip out the worm. Yes, she will be wearing a dress. YOLO. Fourth, she will mob you in Mario Brothers 3 like you just got slapped in the face. Like I mentioned with the sports, I was pretty good at this shit too since we spent a good 5 years of our childhood playing this game on repeat, but still, I never got as good as her. I don’t think I beat her one time. Bitch. Fifth, She’s a super smart finance chick who could invest your cash like it ain't no thang, but she probably couldn’t drive you to the airport because she would get lost and wind up in your neighboring state. Lastly, Chase hasn't always been the biggest fan of change. When we were younger she said she would never give up her last name if she got married, yet she came home from college with a soul mate repping the last name of Franson. Chase Francis is now Chase Franson. Can it get more meant to be than that? I think not.

What was also meant to be was this Jenny Packham wedding dress on Chase's adorably bangin bod. I pretty much hate all wedding dresses since they all look the same these days--poofy, strapless, don't care. But this puppy is like no other and Chase rocked it like she was on the cover of Vogue. It is also apparently very well made because it endured the worm like it was no big deal. Peep that ish:
 Photos by Sean Flanigan

Jenny Packham dress