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Yogi the Bear

Unfortunately, I'm not one who likes to work out. I like being active if it's something I enjoy doing. Such as water skiing, snowboarding, kickball, or something that is actually fun. Jogging? I've tried to pretend I like it but I simply do not. It is boring and I get tired. Hiking? If it's a good hike with scenery that is up to par, I'm definitely down. If not? Eff that ish I'm tired of walking. I get worried about my lack of activity, so I decided to attempt yoga. I mean it seems mellow and easy. You stretch and breathe, how hard could it be, right? Turns out it's pretty hard, but I'm flexible so I was decent for a beginner which made me feel pretty cool. But to be quite honest, I don't understand what all the fuss is about? I really don't like how people are like two inches from me in this sweaty room. It really grosses me out. And this "breathing" it serious? Like...there are 40 of us in this small room, yet we think it's a good idea to stick our tongues out and exhale REALLY loudly. Still, I was willing to accept these negative aspects of yoga and try to fall in love with it like half of our nation. That was until I attended my most recent yoga sesh a few months ago of which scarred me for life. Not lying, this dude was exhaling so effing loudly, it was echoing the room. And to really top things off this yogi hippie fucking farts. He farts. I've heard this is accepted in the yogi classroom, but I just couldn't and can't accept it. Plus I swear this guy was proud of his wind blowing. Like ooo look at me! I am so relaxed and good at yoga I'm just going to let it all out! Not down.

Needless to say, Yoga isn't for me. For those who love it, I really envy you. It's super relaxing and I bet you have a bangin bod, but I think I'm going to just start playing the ukelele instead. Who cares if it doesn't involve physical activity, right? At least this hobby won't trap me in a room full of people breathing and farting on me.

On a separate note, Dove and I went to my family's cabin on south Puget Sound for the Fourth and took a day trip to Sand Dollar Beach for a sand dollar collecting extravaganza. Salt water sandals have been my summer sandal of choice the past few years, so I recommend you snag a pair, or three. They come in a bunch of colors, but I stayed true to our country and went with pairs of red, white, and blue. I wear white the most, so perhaps start your collection there. Peep that ish:
Photos by Maddie Lucas aka Dove 

Talula flannel
SAHA Swimwear top
Talula shorts
Saltwater Sandals
Left wrist bracelet made by me
Right wrist bracelets made by Dove can be found on her Etsy shop