Neon Doves


This past May a few friends and I went and stayed with my sister in San Francisco to attend our first Bay to Breakers. What is Bay to Breakers, one may ask? Peep that ish from my usual internet resource, Urb Dictionary:

 A race/celebration that happens in the late spring in San Francisco that starts on the Bay side of the city and ends by the "breakers." The course takes you through the city, and directly through Golden Gate Park. Participants can run competitively, walk the course, or dress up in any ridiculous outfit, make an incredible float to drag along, and get drunk out of their mind. Most do the latter. Many participants enjoy walking in the nude, and the police don't seem to mind. It is certainly more of a party than a race.

It was a glorious shit show with hilarious people everywhere. One dude was dressed up as Steve Irwin and actively used his plastic snake prop to throw in front of hot chicks and then "kill it" to save the day. I appreciate his humor and wish this stranger was my friend. 

My friend P-dub was dressed up as George Washington and looking dapper as ever. With the Boston bombings happening recently (sad panda) the police were "cracking down" a bit this year. I had no problems, but a few humans weren't so lucky. Peep P-dub's run in with the cops:

Cop: Come with me sir 

     P-dub is mid flow pissing in a tree. He gets his ish together and faces the cops. 

Cop: Sir, can you tell us a bit about you? Your information?
P-dub: Well, I'm from Virginia, I'm one of the Founding Fathers, and I have wooden teeth...
Cop: All right jokester, no more monkey business, we're writing you a ticket for urinating in public. You're lucky we aren't giving you indecent exposure.
P-dub: Honestly, I can't blame you for writing me up considering I wrote these laws.
Staying in character? With two cops bombarding him with questions? Now that is seriously what's up. In regards to the Po-Pos that wrote him up, I have a few things to say. First of all, urination in public? At Bay to Breakers? All right San Francisco Police, there are naked dudes on every corner and girls with their juggs spilling all over the place, yet you're gonna tell good ol' G-Wash that he's lucky you're not "writing him up for indecent exposure"?....... uh.... that seems a little weird to me. Second, writing him up for indecent exposure could potentially put him on San Francisco's sexual predators list, which is not what we should be using that list for. This should only be used for actual predators, not some awesome dude who took a piss in a tree so the ladies could make use of the bathrooms and limit the annoying lines. Just sayin.

Naturally I pulled together this elfy fit for the race. I see any costume event as an opportunity to dress in some forest creature like way. If it was socially acceptable, I would dress with an elf-like swag at all times. Peep that ish:

Brandy Melville skirt
Flowers were added/pinned to the skirt and purchased at a rando craft store
Minnetonka moccs
Wilfred Free bralette
Vest is from Pakistan and handed down from my G-Ma
Ray Ban sunglasses
Purse is a gem I picked up in Koh Phangan, Thailand
Headband made by me