Neon Doves

Forever 24

A few months ago I was posted at a bar and spotted a hottie a couple tables away. As you know, hotties are scarce in Seattle, so this was def something I had to point out to Dove for confirmation that this human was in fact a true looker and I wasn't repping a pair of beer goggles.
"He looks sorta young", she said. I looked again and realized that wasn't sexy scruff on his face, it was a shadow. Hottie was a fresh 21 year old, MAYBE 22. Straight peach fuzz up in the club. What in the efffffffffffffffffff. It wasn't until this moment that I truly realized, I am kind of old. At 26 I am now an age where I can be at a bar scoping someone that is too young for me. So does this make me a Cougar? When did this happen?

I feel like there really is no middle ground--you either feel younger than everyone, or you feel old. I think the prime age, when you get to be in both categories, is def 24. You're still young, but you can also spit game and mack on the older peeps too. So it's a win win! you get the best of both worlds!!!

Fuck forever 21, I vote forever 24. In honor of this beautiful age, I pulled this young and summery getup. I'm really diggin these Zara kicks and they're perfect with just about any summer dress or shorts. Peep that ish:
Photos by Tyler Lucas
Le Fou tank
Tildon shorts
Zara kicks 
Shashi beaded bracelet
Brandy Melville arrow bracelet
Nixon watch