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Biking Politics

Sometimes the smallest things give me a weird amount of anxiety. Do they do the same for you or am I a complete and total freak? Examples include:
  • Awkwardly walking parallel to another human, whether it be a stranger, coworker, etc. Remember that scene in Superbad? Where he walks really fast away from his crush so they aren't walking at the same time? Yeah that's what I try NOT to do but it's really hard because I just want to run away.
  • Getting honked at when I know I did something wrong. I usually try to flee the scene as soon as possible to get away from any driver who saw me make a mild mistake. 90% of the time this means I make a turn in the complete wrong direction. Dove does the same thing, so I know I'm not a total freak. 
  • Making coffee, because I never know how to use those effing machines.
  • Giving someone a ride home that I don't know very well because I have zero concept of direction and all I can think about the entire drive is if I'm going the right way.
  • Biking politics
Let's discuss my last anxiety kicker: bikers. Okay so, I was talking to a friend of mine the other day and he was telling me how when he passes bikers on the road, he tries to stay as close to them as possible. This was shocking to me because I do the complete opposite. He said he is a biker, and as a biker he feels cars and bikers are "sharing" the road and therefore cars can get "close to the biker" when passing them. But dude, what if I hit them? My fear of hitting them makes me scared to pass them unless I have an obscene amount of room, which usually means I have to take up part of the oncoming lane, and you catch my drift. So what the fuck man? What do I do?

For those of you living in Seattle, I get the WORST anxiety when I get stuck behind a biker in the arboretum. Fuck the arboretum for bikers. Honestly. I creepily follow them for a good ten minutes, and with each minute the hotter my face gets as the number of cars pile up behind me. This anxiety continues until the oncoming lane slows enough to allow me to break free. The euphoric relief I feel after passing a biker in the arboretum is comparable to a decent orgasm really bomb meal.

On the subject of driving, I've been on quite a few road trips lately, so it was only necessary that Dove and I stop at a few spots and snap some photes. We came across some sweet farmers markets and picked up some bomb fruit, but one can't go on a road trip without stuffing face with a burger or two as well.

Important to keep in mind for road trip apparel? Rep that comfy shit. It's been super hot outside, so I kept it simple and limited. Less is more, ya dig? Peep that ish:

Photos by Maddie Lucas aka Dove
Brandy Melville tank
Wilfred shorts
Vintage backpack
Olive & Pique hat
Minnetonka Moccasin kicks