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Graffiti is often frowned upon by peeps, but I definitely like it. I feel like it gives a city individuality and flare. It's a city's accessory, like a necklace or lipstick. We shot the first three pics near my house where apparently you can legally graffiti the building if you have some sort of license. Not really sure how you get this license…but that’s the word on the street. Gee thanks, Seattle, you gave peeps one wall out of the whole city.

Now I dig the pretty walls and stuff, it's like free art, but the tagged gang signs and black scribbled initials? I mean they are just ugly and annoying and cover signs that I sometimes want to read. What I also don’t understand is when you’re staring up at some gnarly sign, super high above, and you see graffiti on there. How in the flying fuck did this person actually get there, you know? And we see it so often that how do we never see them climbing up there doing it? Are you being dangled at your ankles by your homeboy? Did you get a ladder? I really just don’t get it.

In honor of Seattle's dope and colorful graffiti, I pulled a street worthy fit. I love repping beanies with shorts and a tee, but you really only have a few days a year the weather allows one to pull this off without looking like an id. You can always count on June in Seattle to provide the perfect storm. Peep that ish:

eye spy a dove...

whoopsy daisy
Photos by Maddie Lucas aka Dove

American Apparel beanie
Chaser tee turned inside out
Show Me Your Mumu shorts
Vintage Escada purse
Rachel Comey kicks
Bracelets made by me or Dove. Peep Dove's Etsy Shop
Madewell Wallet