Neon Doves

Pinterest Shminterest

Let's talk about a little something called Pinterest. We all know it, many use it, many are confused by it, some live by it. Now I'm not saying I don't have my own "pin" board. And I have seriously tried using it, I really have. I've tried scrolling on through there and getting inspired! I've pinned those cute shoes, or how-to-do hair styles. But there was one problem...
I seriously never went back to use my boards. So why would I have kept using this thing? It's as if peeps are just using it to show others what they have pinned? Like hey, look at the stuff I like! Is that how it works? I think for some peeps it is, while others actually have their ish together and really use it to refer back to for recipes and DIY stuff and shit.

Let's talk wedding boards. This makes more sense to me. You need ideas and are working to put together this event that takes so much time and thought, and Pinterest would therefore be very helpful in organizing your vision. However, I need to provide a little advice to my fellow single ladies who have taken it upon themselves to build a Pinterest wedding board. First, my question is, why in the hell did you do that? And my advice is, do not, under any circumstances, do this. Take your board down right now! If you are not engaged, you have no right to be putting yourself through such embarrassment. Honestly, that's really just not chill.

Maybe I'll get hit with Cupid's Pinterest arrow one day, because I must admit, my lack of interest has led me to feel slight FOMO (fear of missing out, duh). But so far? Meh. Pinterest Shminterest.

While Pinterest hasn't really piqued my interest, that doesn't mean you shouldn't, oh I don't know, pin a few of my fits...? Like this beauty below! Dove and I walked around our hood making supes cute bouquets for our dinner party and snapped a few photes. I'd say this is one of my fave everyday fits and I'm super stoked on these kicks I recently snagged for ten bucks at our nearby Buffalo Exchange. I know, right? WINNING! Peep that ish:
Photos by Maddie Lucas aka Dove

Brandy Melville tank
Brandy Melville shorts
Found these shades in Thailand, but Ray Ban makes a similar pair 
Vintage Michael Green purse
Ecote kicks. Swedish Hasbeens has a similar pair that can be found at Urban Outfitters
Bracelets made by Dove can be found on her Etsy shop
Rose gold ring