Neon Doves

Double Rainbow be Trippin

Okay, so I know the Double Rainbow vid is totes old news, but I randomly thought about it today, so let's discuss. Double Rainbow Dude's real name is Paul Vasquez and I saw him on one of the Late Night shows a couple years ago. Or maybe that was like four years ago? Or one? I don't know, I seriously have zero concept of time. Maybe that's why some days I forget I'm 26 and still think I'm 24. Anyway, I remember watching him on the show as he claimed to the audience and the world that he wasn't on drugs when the video was shot.
Let's just read the last part of that sentence again....      You weren't on drugs, Paul? I don't know about you guys, but I feel slightly offended by this doucher. You're sitting here, telling us on national television, that when you were getting off to double rainbows, you were sober? Ummmm Pauly-V, you be straight TRIPPIN. Pun intended, my friends.

There is nothing wrong with having a little fun, Pauly-V. You should just rep that ish and be honest with your followers.

In honor of honesty, I have pulled this hippie vibed fit to match the beauty of a double rainbow trip. Peep that ish:


Photos by Tyler Lucas

Talula shorts
Vintage/flea market headband scarf
Vintage/flea market top
Rachel Comey kicks
Brandy Melville arrow bracelet
Shashi bracelet
Additional bracelets made by me