Neon Doves

Smell You Later

Living in Seattle, my fave time of year is def summer, because I mean, obviously. Lake Washington, Puget Sound, the mountain views, daylight lasting until 10pm, and the sun just brings a more than reasonable excuse to party on a regular basis since Seattleites only see that ish a few months a year. But trust, those few months are worth the grey months. Maybe I’m biased because I grew up here, but a recent poll suggests I am in fact correct! Seattle was listed as the number one favorite city in the nation. WHAT WHAAAA! No big deal.
While summer is my fave season, I have a large appreciation for spring, mainly for two reasons. One being that it smells so effing good. A little fact about myself? My sense of smell is ridiculous. I swear you guys, I’m like a dog. I can smell everything. On warm spring days near trees and flowers, this is great! When spooning with a dude whose human stench is no good, it’s not so chill. I've literally had to break things off with a dude I was kinda diggin simply because of his smell. And I don’t mean smell as in bodily releases because this is natural and generally doesn’t smell like roses, I’m talking the everyday odor of a human. I know it sounds unfair and rude, personality should override, but until you have my nose, you will never understand. My sister and I were discussing additional negative factors of my sense of smell when we started thinking, I wonder if that means my taste in food is stronger than others? I mean that ish is all connected, you know? I’m not sure, but maybe that’s why I love food so much. Then again, who doesn’t?

The second reason I love spring is because it allows you to pair summer clothes with winter clothes which is my absolute fave! Black leather jacket with shorts in the summer? You look like an id. Black leather jacket with shorts in the spring? Gurl you is lookin fly. 

In tribute to the spring weather, I pulled the below fit. Peep that ish:

Photos by Tyler Lucas

Karen Walker sunglasses
Mackage jacket 
Talula tank
Wilfred shorts
Topshop kicks
Buffalo Exchange Necklace
Chanel purse
Nixon watch