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Meet Morgan Dillon, also known as Bad Larry or Morganism. We go way back. In fact, let’s tread back to '93. I was in first grade and Morgan was in Kindergarten. I was always jealous of the Kindergarten kids because
a) they only had to go to school half day, and b) they got to play house all day which was effing rad. Not fair. Our parents were friends and supposedly, according to Morgan, I went over to her house one day and she showed me her sweet new Kitty Surprise. That sounds kinda sexual and inappropriate, not sure why anyone would EVER name a child toy Kitty Surprise, but dammit that’s what they were called. They were these stuffed animals with velcro stomachs that when you opened up, little kitten stuffed animals were inside. The catch is, you never knew how many kittens were inside until you bought the item. You could totally fail and get like three, or you could be supes lucky and snag nine. Winning! This toy was like the Tamagotchi or Polly Pocket of that year. EVERYONE WANTED A KITTY SURPRISE. Now I have no recollection of this, which is no surprise considering I have the memory of a goldfish, but apparently Morgan and I were playing with her new toy when my evil child self then guaranteed her I would be friends with her if she gave me her Kitty Surprise. I was the older chick, so this was a deal Morgan very much considered and in the end, committed to. WHAT WHAAA! Kitty Surprise was now in my name with crayoned signatures to prove it.

I guess I totes ditched out on her at school, what a brat I was and I feel true shame, but we did eventually become great friends, so it all worked out. Morgan I will totes buy you a new Kitty Surprise, gurl. Please accept my apology for the ultimate jack move.

Morgan is a Seattle fashionista currently working as a Nordstom stylist—get it, get it gurrrrl. She rocks a street style with edge and individuality. I respect that chick’s steez, so peep that ish:

Photos by Chris Williams

Wilfred coat
Wilfred blouse
Free People sweater
Ray ban sunglasses
Free People shorts
Vince Camuto clutch