Neon Doves

Doe Bay Resort

Around ten of my friends and I took a weekend adventure to San Juan's beautiful Orcas Island. Can't go wrong with an hour car ride jamming to some 90s R&B followed by a dope ferry ride to the island. We had a bit of a difficulty finding our way to the resort because I'm pretty mentally challenged when it comes to directions, but we did finally make it. The resort is the most ador place ever with beautiful views of Puget Sound and little cabins for the guests. We stayed in the "Harbor House" cabin. Google that ish, it's supes cute.
Anyhow, the whole reason we went to the resort was to buy tickets to what's called Doe Bay Festival. It's an amazing small and intimate festival that takes place on the resort in August. It lasts four days and everyone camps and mingles, including the artists, and I've been wanting to go for years, so I can hardly contain my excitement. The kick is that in order to get tickets, you have to go stay at the resort. Turns out it's a win win sitch because we had an effing blast and I cannot WAIT to go back.

The resort has a vegetarian cafe that we all went to dinner one night. Apparently the dishes are all made with veggies from their garden--how hip are they? Plus the bartender was oh so ridiculously hot. I attempted to talk to him but after I said "hello" I forgot my name and where I was, so I decided to head back to the table. On the real though, hot guys are so rare in Seattle I totally black out if the opportunity to speak to one presents itself. I seriously forget what planet I live on. I need to work on that because my plan is to definitely snag a hottie some day. One who just happens to be the funniest human in the world, smells super bomb, wears adorable clothes, has a personality cooler than anyone I'll ever meet, watches all my TV shows, loves to cook and clean, and just generally thinks I'm the coolest person in the universe. Is that too much to ask? I know dude, I don't think it is either.

Starting around seven they had some dude singing and playing guitar for the restaurant which eventually turned into an epic dance party back at the Harbor House. Mr. Musician started whipping out some sweet Michael Jackson moves using a broom as his prop. It was pretty neat. With the hip and mellow vibe of the resort, I kept things simple yet chic with an ankle baring long dress paired with ankle booties and a bowler hat.

I loved the mossy vibe around the resort, so we ventured through the elfy forest to snap some photes. Peep that ish:

Photos by Tyler Lucas

Wilfred dress
Rachel Comey kicks
Urban Outfitter sunglasses
H&M hat