Neon Doves

About Me


Hello, my name is Hayley. I'm 5'2" like woah and my favorite color is green.

A few years ago I read an article about living through your twenties and it changed my life. The article relayed one clear message to me which is to go out there, do what you love, and make things happen. With that, I try to spend my moments doing the things that make me happy. I love music. I love trees. I love Seattle air. I love my family. I love to travel. And I have a weird obsession with forest elfs that I inherited from my sister. Yes, I'm aware the it is technically spelled elves, but elfs just looks way sweeter, don't you think?

Growing up in Seattle I've watched the hipster scene come alive and in attending the University of Colorado, I watched the feather hair fad surface and then luckily fade. But with my life experiences and loves, I've built my own sense of style. My passion is fashion, interior, design, evolution, and making friends with strangers. In following the advice of what I like to refer to as "that one article about life in your twenties" I decided to start this blog. Here I am, a few years later and inching towards thirty, but I think I'll just live as if I'm in my twenties until it's no longer personally acceptable, which will most likely be the day that I die. Thanks for comin along for the ride, my friends.