Neon Doves

Serpent Sity

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I'm not sure if I'm late to the game, but I've recently come across a new brand that I'm slightly (weirdly) obsessed with called Paloma Wool. I know right? Sweet name. Palomaaaa. Paloma. Who doesn't like saying Paloma? Anyway, the Spanish brand is filled with linen galore, and I can't get enough. I also weirdly have a love for serpents so when I stumbled across this two piece linen getup with serpents all over it, I said what up girl.... you're my new favorite go-to wedding fit, and I couldn't be happier. Thank you for serving me well, this wedding season. And another wedding season bites the dust. Peep it:


Photos by Maddie Lismore

Paloma Wool top in a different color

Paloma Wool pants in a different color

Mercedes Castillo kicks

To the Moon and Back

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There's this super sweet ice cream place that no one in Seattle knows about (I'm so effing hipster) and I just feel the need to tell all you readers who I ador to the moon and back, and it's called.... Molly Moons (did you catch that pun?)

Jay kay my fellow Seattleites, I know it's no secret and easily compared to Fall's pumpkin spice latte which I'm obsessed with but, what's even better, is an Americano with a pump of pumpkin. So goodt goodt and not as sugary (or expensive). You're welcome. 

My go-to jam at Molly Moons is obvs a waffle cone, strawberry ice cream, with balsalmic sauce - bomb digs. But today I went with sprinkles instead because I was craving them so bad. I lie, it's because they look cuter. Don't care. Peep it!

Light My Fire


For those of you that have been following me on the 'gram, well thank you, that is very kind. And you'll also know that I've been spending most my down time at home by the fire, specifically on this long sheepskin that has kept me oh so warm in this oh so cold and grey weather in Seattle. Literally calling it the worst winter in years and seasonal sadness is the real deal. The dreary vibes have me craving ultra comfortable clothes, or maybe that's just the stage I'm at in life now? Comfort. I just hate being uncomfortable. Heels? Can't go past 3 inches. Pants? They need to be loose and silky or mold to the bod and feel oh so comf. Same goes for my living space. Layers, fur, softness, and warmth make for a situation that allows for the ultimate comfort. So let's hang out by the fire, my peeps.

Photos by Alyssa Wilcox

Are You Am I top

Loeffler Randall suede mules

Pipe & Row & vintage rings

Aritzia silk trousers 

Tropical Bliss


Living in Seattle with winter months of grey skies and cold air doesn't mean you have to limit yourself from achieving tropical bliss! Okay so maybe it does unless you go on vacation, but there are ways to make your home, wardrobe, and spaces around you bring color, happiness and warmth to your world so you don't completely lose yourself in the February gloom that Seattle brings, and can really start to get to you.

When it came to my bedroom, I knew I wanted it to be a space that made me feel instantly happy, and this Palm Jungle wallpaper, that I may have stared at online for months before finally purchasing it, did just that for me. I love her so much.

While there's still some work that I'd like to do to the bedroom (get some wall sconces, for one, and the journey will continue to be shared on ze blog with you fine people, heh heh), the wallpaper really made the room what it is. It made up for art, and really allows it to feel complete, even though there's really very little going on in the space itself besides the essential bed, rug, and nightstands. So for those of you that are thinking about hangin that paper and just can't quite make the plunge, just do it -you'll be stoked. If you're into this particular print, I highly suggested you look at the oh so intriguing Palm Jungle1004 print which is essentially the same but with darker hues. It brings a contemporary and moody swag with it that I'm really vibing on. If you dig it, I dare you to hang that paper and please, pretty please, send me some pics! But most importantly, pick a print you're not going to get sick of in the next few years, and one that makes you truly happy.

With a comfortable room comes a comfortable velvet slip that I pretty much wear to bed every night. Sike - lies for days. But I absolutely ador this velvet piece. It's kind of racey, but can be super versatile with a t-shirt underneath or paired with a fur coat to even out the level of scandal. Peep it, my peeps:

Photos by Alyssa Wilcox

Cole & Son wallpaper

Pipe + Row  rings bedstread

Vintage kilim pillow

Loeffler Randall mules

West Elm bed & blackout curtains

Anthropologie curtain tiebacks

Vintage etsy rug 

Zara leopard coat